"Reality can be beaten with enough imagination." --Anonymous

Hello, welcome to my little slice of the web.

books books and more books

Yes, the rumors are true. I'm a book reviewer. I've been doing so for over 5 years under a pseudonym. I started out reviewing strictly romance novels, which gave me a great foot in the door. Now I seem to gravitate toward suspense and paranormal, unless it's a favorite author in another genre. Before I began reviewing books, I had a To Be Read (TBR) pile/shelf of about 50 books. Soon, it became vicious, multiplying before my very eyes, ballooning to over 300. I thought I'd be able to decrease that amount, as a reviewer, but I found that after I read a great book, I had to go buy the author's entire backlist! My idea of a thoroughly hellish life isn't coming face-to-face with Freddy Krueger. It's stepping into the world of Fahrenheit 451, where books have been burned and the world is a bleaker place.

I still review books, but I find myself editing more than reviewing. My projects include beta reading and editing for authors, and editing a rather large project that I'll make known a little later.

My life is currently jam packed with various projects: editing, writing fiction, getting involved in my church, working behind-the-scenes on a review site and discerning which direction I want my life to take, including its geographical location and potentially some post-baccalaureate education. I have little time left to read for pleasure, or anything else for that matter, unless it's late at night. So, yes, that means I've been cutting in to sleep time just to read, otherwise I'd never get to those TBR books at all.

That's okay... I can sleep when I'm old.