My father got married...

June 28, 2008 marked a very special occasion. My father married. Again.
His 4th wife died a few years ago from leukemia. God grant her peace. She was only 47.

Oh. That. Yeah. That's right. Mickey makes wife number 5. Let's hope in this case, 5th time's the charm.

What a beautiful wedding it was! I do have to admit, however, it started pretty casually. I received a phone call from my father one afternoon about a week before the said illustrious event. Hello, Dad.

He proceeds to tell me that he's getting married. Ummm, okay. Not too surprising. They had, after all, been dating for a while. Then he says, "We have to. I'm going to be a father."

Say WHAT?! Ohhhh, that's my father being pithy. Thank God.

So, I get this email invitation to the wedding with the warning at the bottom to please leave your weapons, gang colors and spurs at home.

~blink~ Um. Gotcha. Glock remains in the gun safe. Spurs stay hanging from the headboard and gang colors are left in the closet.

Reading the invitation, I see that the wedding is being held up north. There's a pre-wedding luncheon in a park. The wedding itself is being held in the chapel attached to the park. Then, the cake will be cut at the ramada back in the park. Finally, everyone is to adjourn to a country/western bar downtown. How's that for casual? This is a couple who cared nothing for convention but only care for their happiness and that of their friends. I love it.

So I show up, in a skirt, blouse and flat sandals. To me, it was incredibly casual. No hose, no jewelry. Just pretty basic. I felt like I was dressed for a White House event compared to the yards of denim and shorts on the entire contingent, including the bride and groom! I thought he was kidding when he said that they were all wearing jeans. ~grins~

I have to say, the ceremony was incredibly touching. They started off by dancing a favorite slow song and then a very giddy Mickey and my father exchanged vows. He looked so in love. Their very obvious affection for each other was palpable. But too soon it was done and we headed off to have cake and then left for the saloon.

Let me say this: I can't believe I actually went into a saloon. Here's the REAL trip... I actually did a little country dancing! Some alien entered my body. I swear it. But I really did enjoy myself and I loved watching Mickey and my father dancing all night long with each other and with every one else.

When I first showed up, I thought I'd be there an hour tops. I wound up staying there for 5 hours. Go figure. But I had a wonderful time, meeting all their friends and new step-siblings.

It's been a very long month, or I would have written earlier about this wonderful experience. But I'm here now...and now you're here, reading me. Tune in tomorrow. I'll be writing all weekend.


Tempt Me With Darkness by Shayla Black

Centuries ago, Marrok of Cadbury was one of King Arthur’s closest knights, until cursed by Morganna Le Fay for spurning her affections. Now he’s immortal and somehow, a small book in his possession called the Book of Doomsday can set him free, if only he could figure out how. Then he meets Olivia…

American art dealer Olivia Gray has come to England to open a gallery and to find the father she’s never known. After meeting a reclusive artist named Marrok, he kidnaps her, mistaking her for some woman named Morganna and demands she free him from the curse she bestowed on him…fifteen hundred years ago.

Thinking him insane she tries to placate him, then attempts seduction, hoping he’ll let her go. But after a night of mind-blowing pleasure, she’s not sure she wants to leave.

Marrok begins to doubt she’s actually Morganna, but still believes she’s the key to unlocking the Doomsday Diary. Olivia learns from some of magickind’s reluctant warriors, who call themselves the Doomsday Brethren, that she’s a descendent of Le Fay and will soon become a powerful witch herself.

Together they try to find a way to break Marrok’s curse, even though by doing so Olivia may lose the man she’s quickly learning to love.

Somberly, the Brethren reveal that an evil wizard is attempting world domination and believes the Diary, and Olivia, are the keys to his success. Marrok puts aside his own desires and focuses on training the wizards and keeping Olivia safe. Will the love these two are discovering, and the band of wizards who are more adept with magic than sword wielding, be enough to defeat the sorcerer intent on destroying the world —both human and magic—for good?

Shayla Black, thus far known for her scorching erotic romances, has now ventured into paranormal romance territory with the first novel in her new series The Doomsday Brethren, called Tempt Me With Darkness. Not surprisingly, Ms. Black has jumped into the genre with both feet creating an amazing world replete with magic, immortals, age-old battles between good and evil, and intense, passionate love. Vivid and gripping, this must-read hit by Ms. Black will take the paranormal world by storm.

Marrok presents as a fierce, ancient warrior whose greatest wish is only to break his curse and die. World weary, his distrust is understandable but when he shows his vulnerable side to Olivia, it’s enough to turn even the most cynical of hearts to warm jelly.

Seemingly naïve as first, Olivia shows her true colors as compassionate and resilient. Equally matched, this couple takes the human and magic world by storm, showing all they’ll not admit defeat to anyone, least of all a measly, powerful, depraved wizard.

Although clear this story is about the love between Olivia and Marrok, the reader cannot help but be enthralled by the rest of the magickind force that fills the pages. Each of the Brethren provokes the desire to know him in a much more intimate fashion. One can only hope each will get his own story. Brava, Ms. Black, for the start of what looks to be a phenomenal series! You can be sure I’ll be reading each and every one.

Wicked Hot by Charlene Teglia

The beautifully seductive Edana is a succubus cursed to wander the earth feeding off and cursing human souls. Having died after committing the mortal sin of murder, Edana now is under the power of the devil himself. The irony of her current status is that when she died, she was still a virgin, and now, she can’t seem to complete the deed without draining the human men in her way. Then she’s assigned to seduce Eli and Dal, two brothers with superhuman strength and her prospects start looking up. She just might experience an orgasm after all. That is, if she’s not slain first.

Eli the warrior and Dal the teacher are two Nephilim living a quiet existence in Washington. The Nephilim are ancient creatures born of angel fathers and human mothers. Thought to be extinct, they have lived under the demons’ radar. Until now. Because good and evil is rapidly losing its precarious balance, Eli has begun conjuring, binding and banishing demons into the void of nonexistence. Likewise, Dal has been teaching young witches the lost art of good magic.

Edana soon finds herself in the Nephilim household, sharing domestic duties and find her way into bed. With both of them. Sex with the brothers is cosmically blissful but in no time, she starts to experience another emotion, one wholly unfamiliar to her. Eli, with his Alpha strength and smoldering intensity, unwittingly sends the sexy succubus headlong into the arms of love.

Will she be able to complete her nefarious mission, or will she allow herself to trust the man who can free her from the curse that bound her many years ago?

Having read many of Ms. Teglia’s previous novels, it was a no-brainer to read Wicked Hot. However, after having read this book, it must be said that Wicked Hot isn’t as good as the rest of her stories. It’s better. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb here to say that this book has to be the best novel she’s written.

Engrossed from the first page, I didn’t let go until the last word was read. Kept on the edge of my seat, it was never quite apparent how this story would end until I read the words.

It’s always good writing to have a strong, Alpha hero and a feisty, intelligent heroine. Add realistic internal and external conflict, stir and bake. Eli and Edana are choice ingredients for this recipe of dark, edgy romance. Add in Dal and you have a story so hot, you need oven mitts to turn the pages. The characters were well developed, the story line fast paced, the passion intense and the sex absolutely nuclear. Forget the ice cubes, head straight to the Arctic Circle, and make sure you have a couple of hours blocked in your schedule. Once you pick up Wicked Hot and start reading, you won’t be doing anything else until you’ve finished.