Fast Draft/ Revision Hell

I know, I know. I've kept my novel on ice these past few weeks.
But I have REALLY good excuses! First, I've been searching for a more challenging job, even though the one I have allows me to work from home... yeah, tell me how insane I am to attempt to leave this role, but I do the same thing day in and day out. I don't feel that I'm really making a difference and they monitor your every move online and on the phone. "How come it took you ____ long to chart?" "You aren't logged in to take calls. Why not?"
Uh, because I'm a child and need to be micromanaged? I keep trying to talk myself into realizing that every job has its ups and downs, that no job is perfect. I also try to remember that with each job there will be sacrifices and benefits. I'm trying to place a value on working from home and see how it weighs with other aspects of the job.
I have an offer for a job in another division of the same company. It's a promotion in that I'll be a supervisor, great thing to place on a resume. I'll be getting a $5K salary increase, not including the salary increase I had received as a raise last month for my current job, or the bonus I was also awarded. However, I'll now have to work in the office, with opportunities ever so often to work from home for partial or complete shifts.
I ALSO interviewed for a position in a hospital. I won't go into details right now, except to say it's also a supervisory role, away from bedside care, but it's a night shift.
Ugh, you might think. However, it's 12 hour shifts, so I'd have 4 days off a week. That's a bonus, yes? As is the SUBSTANTIAL raise I'd receive, making my raise and salary raise for the new job offer look like peanuts. I'd be able to pay off most of my bills very quickly and by the time that particular event occurs, or even before, I might be able to go to day shift... or might prefer the 20% shift differential and stay on nights. Who knows? It's a great organization to work for. I did it before as a travel nurse. I love their mission statement.
So, yes, I've been looking at new jobs. I'm also doing a lot of editing for a book review site, and am reviewing books for both that site and a second. Since I started editing, I don't review for them often unless it's a book I've been waiting for. The other site delegates books to the reviewers. There have been times where, 3 hours later, I'm really wishing I hadn't wasted my very little spare time reading that piece of fluff. I've thought of going on hiatus with that particular organization, simply because I don't have the time I thought I did.
I've been also trying to read. I have so many books in my To Be Read pile that it's almost too much to handle for my poor OCD soul. Seriously, I'm not OCD, but I can imagine I'd probably come close, with my penchant for buying the second book in the series, when I haven't finished the first!
I just received a challenge of sorts from a friend of mine,
Nikki Duncan. She is participating in a Fast Draft/Revision Hell for the next two weeks with several other writers and wanted to know if I'd like to join. I think she KNOWS that I need to get off my booty, stop making excuses and just write the damn thing! As you can see on the side bar, I'm 50,000 words into the book. I am hoping to join the challenge with Nikki and friends to get through these edits that I worked on with author Shelley Bradley/Shayla Black and move on to finishing the story.
I think my own Fast Draft will look a little different than others. I have a story board, compliments of a Shelley Bradley class. Holler at me if you'd like to know more. She is actually starting another class tomorrow. I'll get you in touch with her if you want to know how to do one. I have most of the prep work done. It's just a matter of integrating all the new info, see how it's changed the story and then go from there.
So, for the next two weeks, I've prepared. I've cleaned the house and the backyard, stocked up on dog treats, and produce, frozen seafood and veggies. Tonight I'll be cutting up veggies for a few salads and will hit the store one last time for things like eggs, milk, yogurt, etc. for quick meals.
Starting tomorrow, I'll be leaving my emails alone mostly, unless I'm checking them on breaks at work. I'll also be taping House, Grey's Anatomy, etc. Sorry, still gonna watch Moonlight. That addiction can't be helped. If I seem to be distant, well there's a reason. If I fall behind, I won't correspond. If I hit my goal, and am at a stopping place, I'll answer emails, chat, etc.
Wish me luck.