Mad, Mad World

For as long as I can remember, I was taught that our major purpose in life was to learn to know and love God. Our Lord is so gracious and merciful that He wouldn’t dare infringe upon our free will. So it is precisely because of our free will that we ourselves must make a […]

A Visible Witness

We Orthodox are so blessed. In so many ways, yes. This post does affect each and every Orthodox Christian, certainly, according to his or her state in life. But today, what comes to mind are those in the monastic ranks. Our priests, monks and nuns wear the full habit as dictated by their state in […]

Struggles in Prayer

We Orthodox have a formal prayer for any time of the day and for any occasion. Morning, afternoon, bedtime, before reading the Bible, before and after meals, before an icon, before and after communion, upon entering a church, before studies, when seeking a spouse, if a loved one is ill, if a loved one dies, […]

Following Christ

For those who know me know how much I fully wish for a time gone by. Our society is quickly sinking into a mire of hedonism, narcissism, and entitlement. We scramble like hamsters on a wheel for the next new and great thing…whether that’s a technogadget, furniture, clothes, a car, or whatever passes for the […]


Recently, I read a great article Leaving the Orthodox Church by Father Richard Rene. While lengthy, it was a great read. I really related to Father’s point about Tribe. In pre-modern societies, a person’s identity was forged almost entirely in relation to his tribe. In the context of family and clan, the metaphors of story […]


I’m not a big fan of Facebook. I’m on the site because if I weren’t I would never know what most of my family is doing. A friend on Facebook, and fellow Orthodox, posted a few days ago. He shared an article about a recent “viral” video in which mothers taught their children about masturbation. […]

The Afterlife

Have you ever showed up at a dinner party, or gone to a party of a friend of a friend’s, and felt utterly out of place? Everyone is chatting about who-knows-what. But you can’t comfortably join in because everything feels…foreign? Yeah, me too. It’s awkward, to say the least.  And yet, the question is, what […]

The Inner Monk

In this stressful world, upon catching a glimpse of the monastic life (or what they perceive as the monastic life), many attach romantic notions of what they see as a cloistered, idyllic life. People believe the grass is greener “over there”. However, there is no utopia on this earth. No Eden to be had for […]

Living Fruitfully in Today’s World

We live in a techno world.  And even so, our grandchildren will comment the same when they’re our age, having seen advances we only dream about. Nonetheless, because everything is computerized and we’re surrounded by social media it is easy to forget that our family and friends are real…and would be grateful for intimate, face-to-face […]

Silence and Stillness of Heart

There are the Marthas of the world and there are the Marys. When I was younger I felt certain that I was called to the religious life.  But once I started looking into the many religious orders my then Catholic faith espoused, I was naturally attracted to the more contemplative orders and communities rather than […]